Day 2 of Gas-Liquid chromatography training for the detection of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Today focused on extraction of fish and transformer oil samples to concentrate possible PCB contaminants.

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Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean & Pacific

Rural women from 10 Caribbean countries meet to strengthen their capacities and productive organization

Miss Sharon Vanlonge represented the Rural women group of Antigua & Barbuda at this meeting.


Clare Hall Secondary School exposed to Agro-processing

There is an old saying that “every disappointment is a blessing”, however, while some may think that is questionable, we will agree that this time it certainly was a “blessing”.  The delay or rescheduling of the Caribbean Examinations has afforded a little more time for students to get more studying and some practical exercises done.  “Making use of this extra time was utilized to show students different aspects in Agriculture and I chose Agro-prosessing”, said Mrs. Nicolette Francis, Head of the Agriscience Department at the Clare Hall Secondary School.

Fifth Formers at the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS) got a treat on Tuesday 3rd when Ms. Elsie Phillip (Head of the Agriscience Department for Sir Novelle Richards Academy) at the request of Mrs. Francis, complied. She taught and demonstrated an Agro-prosessing class in soap production.  Using the Melt & Pour method the students were shown the processes of soap making.  The intention of this special class was to expose students to another sector of Agriculture especially those that were sitting Agriscience for Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).   However, although intended for the five students that would be sitting the exam other interested students were very much in attendance and were proactively involved.  “To my surprise one student approached me and asked if I needed an Apprentice and she could like to be my apprentice” Ms. Phillip said.

The soaps were made in shapes of hearts, honeycombs, flowers, and butterflies.  The two fragrances selected were RoseMarie and Jasmine and according to Mrs. Francis the exercise went very well and even better than expected.  The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs would like to commend the good works being done by the Ministry of Education’s Agriscience Department, the schools, teachers and students for keeping Agriculture vibrant.





















Extension Division’s Seedling Distribution

A good turnout at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs Extension Division seedling distribution yesterday (Wed).

Extension Officers and senior technicians within the ministry are urging members of the public to plant the seedlings and nurture them, as Antigua and Barbuda is taking a ramped up approach towards food nutrition and security.

Persons are encouraged to reach out to the Ministry if they have questions about these seedlings or need assistance in producing good quality food for themselves. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs continues to encourage persons to “GROW LOCAL, BUY LOCAL AND EAT LOCAL.”

The seedlings that were distributed at three locations- Ministry Headquarters, Green Castle Agricultural Station and the PDO Building, included lettuce (romaine and curly), eggplants and tomatoes.

Seedlings were also donated to three (3) schools- Mary E. Pigott Primary School, Adele School and St. Andrew’s Primary School.





Honourable Minister Samantha Marshall

Fruity Tuesday

Remembering Sherma Jackson

18th August 2021

Ministry of Agriculture mourns the loss of one of its most dedicated workers


The mood at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs is somber today (Wed), as it mourns the loss of one of its hard working staff members.

Sherma Jackson who was a Field Labourer passed this morning after a short illness.

She was 37.

Her Supervisor Mrs. Maudevere Bradford, in reflecting on her invaluable contribution to agriculture, said that Jackson was a Labourer at the highest scale of the Field Labourers.

“A very hard worker who was always consistent with her duties. She could have been relied upon to complete any given task in a timely manner without supervision,” Bradford recalled.

Jackson also excelled in a number of training programmes at the GARD Center and emerged at the top of the class in a programme held a few years ago.

Former Extension Officer –Administration, Mr. Sereno Benjamin was extremely proud of her achievement.

Jackson was also a top performer at a training course in Biogas that she attended in China in 2019.

Biogas is a renewable fuel produced by the breakdown of organic matter such as food scraps and animal waste.


Jackson was also very fond of organic agriculture and played a lead role in the management of the Vermiculture bin at the Experimental Station in collaboration with IICA.

She became ill in March this year, after she was seconded to CARDI to assist in field work activities.

She worked along well with Dr. Greg Robin and Bradbury Browne in the sweet potato characterization project done by CARDI in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Bradford who has kept in touch with Jackson throughout her illness,  fondly recalled, “ I spoke with her almost every day and she told me one day to buy her a pink dress and a pink converse sneakers because she wants to go to a party . Her last request was for me to buy her a diary with rainbow coloured pens. I spoke with her last night, she was hearing me, and they said she was responding but she was so too weak to let the words out. I told her to walk well and sleep well as she was tired.”

The Management and staff of the Ministry of Agriculture express sincere condolences to the family of Sherma Jackson and her contributions and passion to the growth and development of the agriculture sector will always be remembered.