Agri Youth Corner

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Have you ever wondered about Agriculture?  About how many different types of agricultural practice are there? Well! we are about to explore the wonderful works in Agriculture.

Here are some different types of “traditional” agricultural activities/ practices worldwide:

  • Shifting Cultivation
  • Nomadic Herding
  • Livestock Ranching/Pastoral Farming
  • Commercial Plantations
  • Mixed Farming
  • Specialized Horticulture
  • Subsistence Farming

Shift Cultivation is land used for a temporary or short term for food production or cultivation purposes.  The area is usually used until it shown signs of exhaustion.  Then it is abandoned and a new area is used.

Nomadic Herding is an extensive form of farming done by Nomads.  Nomads move around a lot, traveling from area to other area Animals would graze on pastures but keep constantly migrating to other areas due to availability of vegetation and water or climatic change.

Livestock Ranching/Pastoral Farming is the rearing of a large quantities of animals reared for commercial purposes such as for labour, meats, eggs, milk and hides.

Commercial Plantations is farming on a large scale and on large areas. The areas are laid out in blocks usually according to the age of the vegetation.

 Mixed Farming is cultivating land for growing crops and the raising of livestock at the same time.

Subsistence Farming is growing food for the farmer, his families and small households.

 Intensive Subsistence Farming is the farming on a small area but the food production is maximized.