Forestry Division hosted Kids Unlimited

Last week, the Kids Unlimited Summer Campers were the first group of children to be given a guided tour of the Body Pond area since 2019. Due to the lock-down caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic no tours were conducted over the three-year period. A group of 45 campers along with their counsellors arrived by school buses to Body Pond. Once there they were met by several staff of the Forestry Unit.


The visitors were briefed by the Senior Forestry Officer, Mr. Adriel Thibou who explained the project (the creation of a fruit orchard) and the tree planting activity. Afterwards, they journeyed to the planting site, and this required a hike to the top of the newly created trail. Ms. Jenel Warner and Ms. Reba Ambrose Forestry Unit Staff led the party up the trail where they were joined at the top of the hill by Mr. Ezra Francis. Mr. Francis assisted in the tree planting exercise activity of the day. In preparation for this activity the Unit staff had holes dug for the number of plants requested by the camp leaders. They were given the option of either mango or tamarind trees to plant.


The feedback received from the group was that they were very pleased to be able to participate in assisting the Forestry Unit in the expansion of the Body Pond Orchard, which will one day serve as the climax of the trail system.