Agricultural Extension Division host Campers

Last week, Madame Jn Pierre’s Learning Centre 2022 Summer Camp engaged in an interactive session facilitated by Backyard Garden Facilitator within the Agriculture Extension Division (AED), Efuru Elihu where she educated forty (40) campers on the fundamentals of backyard gardening.

Ms. Elihu educated the campers on ; How to start a garden , the different soil types in Antigua, components of soil, different types of seeds and leaves, even composting.  The campers were engaged in a seed planting activity with Ms. Elihu where they were able to plant their own eggplant seeds in trays to either start their own backyard gardens or add to what they already have.

“In our increasingly digitized world, children are exposed to devices such as tablets, mobiles and computers, rendering them “still” for longer periods of time. Therefore, we believe that such initiative could play a vital role in opening their minds to ideas and feelings about farming that were previously alien to them. Moreover, they could learn how to appreciate farmers for providing nutritious fruits and vegetables that we eat, and also garner valuable insights on Agriculture,” explained Acting Extension Officer, Ika Fergus.