Country Pond Phase 3 – Clean-up Campaign

The recent dredging of the Country Pond unearthed a lot of debris which included plastic containers, plastic and glass bottles, cans and tins, these made the western section of the pond quite unsightly. Thanks to the collaborative efforts between National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), the Antigua and Barbuda Coast Guard (ABCG) and the Department of Agriculture (DoA) were able to secure a dingy and net to extract the garbage from the water.  The exercise took several hours and is expected to be done periodically.

Moreover, the Director of Agriculture would like to implore the general public to desist from throwing or leaving garbage in the pond and surrounding areas for several pertinent reasons.  Besides looking unsightly, we are reminded that this eco-system is the habitat for fishes, birds and other animals that would be in danger if they ingest bits and pieces of foreign materials such as plastics.  Additionally, it influences downstream water quality and by extension what goes into the sea.  The water also provides a source of income for some persons engaged in car washing.

Furthermore, pollution leads to levels of contamination which could result in depopulation or even extinction!!  Let us all be guided accordingly and work together in keeping our Bit of Paradise clean, healthy and safe.