Department of Agriculture – Ponds Restoration Project

 One of the strategies the Department of Agriculture (DoA) has implemented and enforced in the fight of Food Security is that of Pond restoration.  Began in the month of May 2022 this restoration project came into effect and the DoA Director is pleased to announce that four ponds were restored.  “The DoA has quite an extended list which we are going through on an urgent or priority basis”, explained Director Bailey.

Within a six weeks period four ponds located in different areas on the island were restored.  The DoA with the invaluable assistance of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), worked collaboratively on the infamous “Country Pond” and the SDA pond located in St. John’s.  They both required major cleaning with excavators, back hoes and twenty tons trucks.   While the other two were in need of technical support/re-engineering, cleaning and reconstruction services.  The Weaver Pond located in Ras Freeman, Liberta had a leakage problem and had to be lined with a pond liner while the Bendals Pond in addition to technical input from Mr. Alvin Christian (DoA consultant) had to have a wall fortified in order to prevent leakage of water unto its surrounding areas. The cleaning and reconstruction services were provided by private contractors and financed by the farmers that are utilizing the lands which encompass these ponds for different types Agriculture purposes.

Below are pictures of the refurbished ponds containing water.  As this project continues more updates will follow.




Country Pond










Seventh Day Adventist School Pond












Weaver Pond











Bendals Pond