Department of Agriculture – Making another request a Reality

On Thursday 23rd, the Department of Agriculture (DoA) did it again.  Committed to uphold its mandate to the Nation’s Food Security Regime, the DoA in a response for urgent assistance, provided the Seventh Day Adventist School Farm (SDASF) with the services of a harrow to bank two areas on the farm that were already ploughed.  According to Ms. Yonette Patrick, the areas were done two weeks ago but the Harrow needed repairs.  “We got the areas ploughed but the banker is down.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) owns a banker but it needs some maintenance and repairs” explained Ms Patrick.

In addition to the works done on the school pond last week by the DoA and with the cultivation completed, the SDASF can now move ahead with their summer crop planting project.  Crops such as sweet potato, cassava, sweet corn, lettuce and tomato will be grown.  “I am happy that the pond has a little water in it already and hope more rain will come so that more water will go in.  Having more water in it will help with the irrigation of what is planted” Ms Patrick said.  Further, she thanked the DoA for a timely job that was well done.