Fisheries Division made donations on World Oceans Day

The Fisheries Division within the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs donated a total of 80lbs of fish to organizations in Antigua which will be used in the meals for their occupants.

Wesley Simon, Processing Manager at the Point Wharf Fisheries Complex handed over 39lbs of fish to Sandy Daniel, Operations Manager at the Care Project and 41lbs of fish to Assistant Chief Officer, Helene Desilva at the Her Majesty’s Prison. The packages were mixed with a variety of fish such as Grunt, Oldwife, and Doctor fish just to name a few.

The fish donated was confiscated by the Antigua and Barbuda Coastguards from fishermen who either did not have a licensed boat or fished illegally. Once the fish is confiscated, it is then processed (cleaned and packaged) at the processing plant for distribution.

Mr. Simon urges fisherfolks to do the right thing and follow the guidelines and laws issued by the Fisheries Division to avoid circumstances where their fish is confiscated.