MAFBA Food Safety Demonstration Walk

In commemoration of World Food Safety Day, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs (MABFA) had a Walk on Tuesday, 7th June.  Permanent Secretary Colin O’Keiffe along with members of staff took to the streets as a demonstration of the MAFBA’s commitment to Food Security on each and every level.  Furthermore, this was one of several events scheduled for the day and they all promoted the ministry’s support of this year’s World Food Safety Day (WFSD), “Safer Food, better health”.  While on the walk, several MABFA employees carried hand-held placards bearing messages on topics such as food preparation and food handling that got the attention from drivers and pedestrians alike, most of which inquired about the purpose of the exercise. Happily, the zealous participants explained the event and in return were given encouragement and support from the masses.

The Walk commenced from the MABFA Head Office; up Queen Elizabeth Highway then left onto Parliament Drive turning left onto Factory Road thence to The Central Board of Health (CBH) head office located on upper Church Street. Enroute, they were joined by staff members of the Antigua & Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS).

Upon arrival at CBH the WFSD walkers took part in their “Pull a question, answer correctly and win a prize” competition.  This was a walk or drive by sensitization activity for the general public in regards to Food Safety tips and other pertinent information. Prizes that were won were locally grown fruit and vegetables such as Mangoes. Soursops, Green Figs, Tomatoes and Okras.

The MABFA had again used this opportunity to encourage the General Public to support our local farmers by consuming locally grown foods.  “We are all reminded that Food Security and Safety is Everybody’s Business”.