June 7th, 2022 marks the fourth celebration of World Food Safety Day (WFSD), after its establishment by a resolution of UN General Assembly, in December 2018, with the slogan ‘Food safety, everyone’s business’.


The National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) in the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS) is partnering with the principal Food Safety partners in the Ministries of Health, Wellness and the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs (MAFBA), to bring a series of awareness activities and information sharing opportunities, to highlight the 2022 theme ‘Safer food, better health’.


The Codex Food and Agriculture Technical Committee has chosen a focus on the ‘safe production and consumption of eggs’ as its major focus for this year’s WFSD recognition-starting a conversation that will see continued advocacy moving forward.  Other activities to look forward to are:

Media talks and interviews on state and other private media houses on 7th and 8th June ;

Central Board of Health Food Safety Information drive targeting Food Handlers from 8:30am to 9:30 am in St. John’s City, and a drive-by quiz and giveaway event outside the CBH Headquarters located at Upper Church Street.

Ministry of Agriculture’s Food safety advocacy and Health walk to move from the Ministry, left on Independence Avenue, left on Queen Elizabeth Highway, left on Parliament Drive, left on Factory Road, left on Independence Avenue and back to the Ministry;

Sharing of information in print and social media;

Participation in online/virtual talks, webinars and panel discussions put on by WHO, FAO, PAHO, and other food safety authorities

Members of the public, civil society and work groups are also encouraged to create placards or other messages and circulate pictures and videos of their WFSD advocacy on social media to support the ‘safer food better health’ campaigns.