World Food Safety Day Commemoration Has Began

As the world is about to commemorate “World Food Safety Day” under the theme of “Safer Food, Better Health” on June 7th, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs (MAFBA) commenced its recognition a week in advance. On Wednesday, June 1st, the Hundred Acre Daycare & Preschool students and teachers were the recipients of mangoes grown on the Cades Bay Agricultural Station. Donated to this Pedagogic facility were three types of mangoes known as “Julie, Kidney and Edward”. All of which were different in colour, shape and sizes but nevertheless All quite juicy and tasty. The infants were excited and happily received their yummy mangoes.

Miss Catisha James and Miss Chrystal Williams (MAFBA employees) on Wednesday which was their “Water Day” made the presentation and encouraged them to always consume locally grown fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the school was commended for promoting and participating every Wednesday in “Only Consuming Water Campaign”, where absolutely “No Juice is Allowed” on that day.

In closing, Miss James encouraged the school to observe “World Food Safety Day” by doing some form of activity on June 7th.