Steps being taken to alleviate praedial larceny in Antigua and Barbuda

Praedial Larceny continues to be a pressing matter faced by farmers in the country and the Agriculture Sector has been working closely with the Royal Police Force to collaborate on ways in which the matter can be dealt with.

Meetings have been held with Agriculture Officials, Farmers and the Royal Police Force so that all parties can collaborate and strengthen the security of farmers within the agricultural districts.

North West District Officer, Victor Wade organized a praedial larceny meeting for farmers in the settlements of: Belvedere, Breaknock, Greencastle, Bathlodge and Creekside. In addition, present at this meeting representing the Royal Police Force was Superintendent Quammie.

The legislation currently followed guiding how to deal with praedial larceny is an Act of 1944, which is outdated and vague, it was advised that this Act be updated and Superintendent Quammie expressed that it is for the Agriculture sector to work towards it being updated.

He also suggested that a Constitution Community Committee could be formed for each district who will be given authority to enforce the laws and work even more closely with the police to deal with matters of theft mainly.

Farmers present were able to voice their experiences with praedial larceny and how the police dealt with it as well, which Mr. Quammie vouched, he will follow up on certain matters.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that a praedial larceny committee would be formed with the assistance of the police, Bendals community group, farmers, and the agriculture extension division to cover Belvedere, Bathlodge, Creek Side, Bendals, and Greencastle.

A separate meeting will be held to nominate approximately fifteen (15) persons to be on the committee.

Overall, the farmers felt confident that something will be done to deal with the matter and they look forward to it as some have become very discouraged and saddened by the constant acts of praedial larceny.