Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs Basic Security Training concluded

The two week long training workshop for the Ministry’s Security Staff and Watchmen came to its conclusion followed by a Closing Ceremony on Friday 6th May.  The proceedings of the Closing Ceremony commenced with an Opening Prayer done by Ms Patsy Ojugbeli and Welcome Remarks by Jason Christopher, staff members of Cotton Station and Co-Organizers of the Workshop.

In his closing remarks, Mr. David Nixon DeSouza, workshop Facilitator challenged the participants to make good use of the training they received and continue to be trained even if it is self-training.  “Always remember the list of ten attributes of a good security guard. They are all equal and very important”, said Mr. DeSouza.   The list of Attributes consists of Good Attitude & Dependable, keep physically fit, proficient reporting, good attendance, professionalism, attentiveness, honesty, good people skills, develop observation skills and maintain a personal discipline.

During an interacting moment with Mr. Caswall Joseph, the Closing Ceremony Chairperson, some scenarios were given and the responses from the participants met the approval of the Facilitator, who sat in silence giving an occasional nod or smile.  When the trainees were asked about their perception of the information disseminated during the workshop most of them acknowledged that they benefited and expressed their gratefulness to the Ministry, the Facilitator and Organizers.  While others expounding on information and training that they learnt. “I learnt that full body scan was necessary and important rather than scanning only from the mid-rift down”, said Tony Simon, a participant.

Mr. Colin O’Keiffe, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry in his remarks, thanked the Director, the Organizers, the Facilitator and the Participants for being a part of the workshop’s success.  Additionally, he expressed that he hopes the training will enable their better performance and expressed how good observation skill is crucial for their type of duties.  Further, Mr. O’Keiffe, assured the trainees that more training will happen in the future.

The trainees were Steve Weston, Keithroy Willock, Imran Francis, Joan Williams-Turner, Erwin Joseph, Avery Smith, Jacquietta Whyte-Johnson, Sleba Samuel, Jason Christopher, Stedman Ryan, Patsy Ojugbeli, Richard Murray, Wayne Simon, Tony Simon, Ivan Roberts, Asworth Spencer, Kerry Martin, Robert Byrde, Jamel Williams, John Prince, Dave David, Stevenson Brown, Marvin Ogarro and John Prince.  They were awarded certificates by Mr. O’Keiffe, Permanent Secretary and Mr. Bailey, Director of Agriculture.  The ceremony was concluded with Vote of Thanks which was delivered by Ms. Jacquietta Whyte Johnson followed by a group photo shoot.