Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs 2nd Security Staff & Watchmen Training is well on the way

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs second Security Staff and Watchmen Training started on Tuesday 3rd May.   Facilitated by Mr. David Nixon DeSouza of the Special Security Services, nine (9) additional ministry’s staff will be trained in areas such as:

Introduction to Security

Security officer’s Safety

Access Control


Report writing

Public Relations

Resolving Conflicts

Uniform and Equipment

Fire Prevention

Sexual Harassment

Basic First Aid


These areas will be expounded upon with supporting Information via verbal dissemination or relevant videos. Information pertaining to the types of Security officers, types of assets that should be protected, types of information given in a report, the best defense to engage, the difference in roles for the security officer and the police officer, what a deterrent is, interacting with people, how to develop more observation skills and others will be imparted to the participants. This workshop comes to a closure on Friday. The Ministry would like to thank the staff of the Cotton Station for this timely initiative and much needed exercise.