Minister Marshall visit to Anointed Farm

One of the components in Hon. Samantha Marshall’s “On the Ground” plan includes site visits to various farms across our Twin Island State.  Her recent visit was to the Anointed Farm located in McKinnons.  While there, Minister Marshall was given a tour and had an in-depth conversation with proprietor Neil Gomes.  Matters discussed were pertaining to hydration, water supply and storage capacity, types of irrigation systems used and praedial larceny.  Mr. Gomes explained that he currently has a six thousand gallons storage capacity for his ten acres but plans to increase.  Pertaining to “Praedial Larceny” he encouraged Community Watch which has been every effective and would encourage other farmers to do so.

Minister Marshall inquired about additional assistance he needed from the Ministry.  It was agreed that assistance pertaining to increase water supply and storage, clearing of land and a better access road would be given. “The government recently purchased a reverse osmosis plant to be installed at Fort James and this will address the demands of water for this area of the island” said Minister Marshall.  Additionally, Minister Marshall cautioned that good changes will come but in time and there must be a continuity of working together.

Mr. Gomes was complimented for his input, his commitment and perseverance in the sector.  He explained some futuristic plans for his farm that included some expansion and was encouraged by the Minister to do so.  Additionally, the Minister pledged the Ministry’s continued support and intention to assist All farmers especially those who have been on board through the years and more so during the “Covid” Pandemic.  Farmers who have been working tirelessly in collaboration with the Ministry and the nation in the fight of “Food Availability and Security”.