Sir Novelle Richards School Poultry Unit

The Agriculture Science Department in the Ministry of Education & Sports is very pleased to complete the construction of a Poultry Unit for the Sir Novelle Richards Academy Agriscience Department.  Being a new school and a facility that is still a work in progress all possible efforts were made in order for the construction of the pen to be a timely one. Since Agriscience is one of the sciences offered at the school, this unit was imperative and a priority.

One of the Agriscience teachers Mrs. Kandia Lee-Williams expressed the importance of practical or hands-on education that is crucial for both practice and means of motivation for the interested students.  “They have been engaged with the theory aspect of the subject but having the chicks and some practical work would be a motivation,” Lee-Williams said.   Twenty-five 9-day old broilers and later 100 layers will be cohabitating at this facility for several weeks.  The structure has a holding capacity of 600 chickens.  Also, the site will be used for the construction of a greenhouse and a hydroponic unit later in the year.

The structure and the delivery of the hatchlings were also in time for the fifth Form Agriscience Students Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) School-Based Assessment (SBAs) and they are expected to be the front runners of this project.  Students will be responsible for: feeding, providing clean water for the hatchlings, cleaning of the pens, composting the discarded materials, slaughtering, and collecting data.  Additionally, other students like those from Form 2 Star will also be engaged in some practical work in the Poultry Unit.  This opportunity would not only be an educational one but one that will appease their curiosity, especially for the first-timers being so close to hatchlings or involved in such a programme.   The three students selected with the task of replenishing the feed and water containers, Carla Vera Ortiz, Zamora Murray and Jamequie Phillip were elated that they were given the opportunity to do so.  “We are glad to be involved and are looking forward to doing our part and learning more about the chickens” said Murray.

The Ministry of Education would like to acknowledge and thank the Board of Education, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Barbuda Affairs for their contributions.