Senior Government Officials and Experts in Kenya to Discuss Blue Economy Initiatives

26 November 2018


Senior Government Officials and Experts in Kenya to Discuss Blue Economy Initiatives

The Hon. Dean Jonas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Barbuda Affairs; H.E. KarenMae
Hill, High Commissioner to the United Kingdom; and Ideka Dowe, Political and Trade
AttachĂ© are currently attending the ‘Sustainable Blue Economy Conference’ in Nairobi, Kenya.
Also, in attendance is Joy Marie King, Director of International Trade in the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Trade; and Amaya Athill, Legal Counsel in the Department
of Environment.

The three-day conference will be hosting 4,000 participants from around the world to explore
and coordinate avenues for harnessing the potential of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve
the lives of all, particularly people in developing states, women, youth and indigenous peoples.
The conference will also focus on the latest innovations, scientific advances, and best practices
to build prosperity while conserving our waters for future generations.

Earlier today, Minister Jonas was a featured guest speaker during an OECD panel discussion
on ‘Reaping the Benefits of the Blue Economy to Deliver on the 2030 Agenda: Gearing up
International Co-operation and Concessional Finance’. Minister Jonas’ presentation focused on
the core socio-economic and environmental measures that the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda will seek to prioritise in the transition to a sustainable ocean economy. Also, Minister
Jonas outlined possible obstacles that the twin-island state may encounter during the transition
period and ways in which the international community could help to facilitate the
implementation of the Blue Economy.

On Wednesday, Minister Jonas will be addressing the conference on the impact of the
Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme (CMEP) and how it is helping Antigua and
Barbuda to develop Blue Economy opportunities.