To be the best agricultural information service center in the Caribbean region, providing relevant and timely data to the entire agricultural sector.


Within the next 5 years PROMIS will be the leading agro-information system in the Caribbean region providing pertinent and useful production and marketing information principally to local farmers, hoteliers, restaurants and supermarkets but also to the general public.


  • To procure information to local farmers that will enable them to maximize their production potential and supply the nation with agricultural produce.
  • To assist consumers (retail, wholesale) in their decision making by providing relevant, timely information on the production schedules of the local farmers.
  • To identify and analyze key policies, issues and institutional constraints which impedes the agricultural productive process and provide possible solutions.


PROMIS will be an educational tool for students and teachers, an informational system for producers and consumers and also a useful guide to decision and policy makers.

PROMIS will serve as a mediator between the producers and the consumers, it will inform them of the availability on the local market hence, it serves as an aid in crop planning and import decision making.

With the implantation of PROMIS there will be an overall education and awareness to all stakeholders; this will have a direct effect in the reduction of the import bill, generating markets for local producers and reducing cost incurred on international trade.

The information generated by PROMIS will aid the Ministry of Agriculture in their decision making with regards to the issuance of import licenses for agricultural produce.

It will also assist them in their planning for the national food bank, determining the country’s self-sufficiency and preparing for natural disasters.