Broiler Program

If the nation is to share the vision of the Prime Minister, for Antigua & Barbuda to become an “Economic Power House,” then the beginning of that is to ensure that Antigua and Barbuda secures its Food Sovereignty by establishing a food security national program.

With a food import bill of over $300,000,000 the consumption of meat and meat products account for over $30,000,000 of which poultry has the highest share where imports average 10,000,000 pounds per year at costs of over $21,000,000.

Therefore the government through the Ministry of Agriculture lands fisheries and Barbuda affairs is embarking on a poultry initiative broiler program where it hopes to encourage local entrepreneurs to produce our very own fresh & healthy poultry meats. This initiative intends to:

  • Assist Antigua’s broiler industry by securing 10% of the 10,000,000 pounds that are imported annually.
  • Increase food & nutrition security by establishing the broiler industry
  • Reduce food import bill
  • Encourage entrepreneurship
  • Empower single mothers
  • Create jobs
  • Reduce capital flight
  • Attract local and foreign Investors

This initiative will also have value added industries such as feathers, fast foods, recycled materials for art & craft and attract foreign investors to see Antigua and Barbuda as a safe haven for agricultural investment.

All producers must be:

  • Members or become members of the Antigua & Barbuda Poultry Association (ABBA)
  • If applying for land from the government, must submit a business plan to the Ministry of Agriculture (MALFBA)
  • Keep concise and accurate records
  • Maintain Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS)
  • Be up to date on payments for all land leases
  • Submit to farm inspections by the MALFBA (Veterinary Division) and have strict bio security measures in place on their farms.
  • Attend workshops prepared by the MALFBA

The Ministry of Agriculture Lands Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs will further support this initiative by securing a processing unit, a hatchery and other key infrastructure necessary to bring a competitive and healthy product on the market for all Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s to be proud of.