Veterinary & Livestock



The Veterinary & Livestock Division within the Ministry of Agriculture vision is to enhance the animal welfare in Antigua and Barbuda with the view to improving the productivity and quality of food production and ensuring the safety of the animal population and also the public.


The mission of this division is to achieve full compliance with legislation through education and awareness programs.

The Veterinary and Livestock Division is responsible for issuing IMPORT LICENSE for the following:

  • To import live animals including personal pets (i.e. dogs, cats etc.); livestock (i.e. poultry birds, sheep, goat, pigs etc.)
  • Fresh or Frozen Meat products

An Import License must be obtained from the Veterinary and Livestock Division prior to any importation of live animals or animal by-products. It is therefore recommended that individuals wishing to import live animals first contact the division at least two weeks in advance to obtain a document outlining the necessary import requirements that must be fulfilled before the license can be issued. It is important to note that these requirements vary depending on the animal’s country of origin. Once the information requested in the document is provided via fax or email, it will be verified by Veterinary Officers and if given the approval, the Import License will be prepared within 48 hours.

Every entry of animal or animal by-products, must also be accompanied by an official Export Health Certificate stating that the animals are free of any disease and their by-products are fit for human consumption. Upon inspection, animals or animal by-products which are determined by the Veterinary Officer not to be in compliance with the import requirements will be refused entry or quarantined and/or returned to the country of export.

As most countries are also regulating the importation of animals and animal by-products; it is therefore necessary to obtain an Export Health Certificate from the Veterinary & Livestock Division for any exportation of any animals or animal by-products. This certificate is issued by the Veterinary Officer after the animal is inspected and treated for internal and external parasites and deemed healthy to travel; as to the animal by-products, the certificate will only be issued if it is free of any disease and fit for human consumption.