About Us

The Development Control Authority (DCA) commenced operation on 8th August 1974. It is a statutory corporation governed by the Antigua and Barbuda Physical Planning Act of 2003, and is mandated to implement physical and land use planning and development functions in Antigua and Barbuda.

The DCA is charged with the responsibility to ensure orderly and progressive development of land in urban and rural areas to grant permission to subdivide or develop land; and to carry out related functions as described in the Physical Planning Act 2003.

The DCA’s goal is to dovetail physical, socio-economic and environmental factors which will promote development to levels in our nation that would benefit this and future generations.

The Physical Planning Act 2003 requires the DCA to be governed by an eleven (11) member Board consisting of: three persons appointed by the Minister (one as Chairman and another as Secretary); and eight (8) persons as ex officio members, namely:

  • The Town and Country Planner
  • The Director of Public Works
  • The Chief Health Inspector
  • The Chief Lands Officer
  • The Chief Surveyor
  • The General Manager of  the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA)
  • The Director of Agriculture
  • The Chief Environment Officer

DCA Zone Coverage

Zones Coverage
A Responsible for inspecting Zone A – Outer St. John’s City, Potters, Herberts, Lightfoot (Eest), Renfrew, Sea View Farm (West), Gunthorpes, Cassada Gardens, Coolidge, Barnes Hill, Powells, New Winthorpes, Hodges Bay, Crosbies, Cedar Grove, Weatherills, Anchorage, Marble Hill, Blue Waters, Fort Road, Gambles, Wireless Road, Clare Hall, Sutherlands Development, Johnsons Village, Fort Road, Villa.
B Responsible for inspecting Zone B – Five Islands, Golden Grove, Ottos, Green Bay, Gray’s Farm, Swetes, Folly’s, John Hughes, Sawcolts, Old Road, Urlings, Johnson’s Point, Crabb Hill, Bolans, Jennings, Bendals, Creek Side, Pearns Point, Buckley’s, Olivers.
C Responsible for inspecting Zone C – Pigotts, Paynters, Weirs, Fitches Creek, Sea View Farm (East), Lightfoot (East), Freemans Ville, Vernons, Parham, Pares, Glanvilles, Seatons, Willikies, Long Bay, North Sound.
D Responsible for inspecting Zone D – All Saints, Clarks Hill, Liberta, Falmouth, English Harbour, Turtle Bay, Christian Hill, Mamora Bay, St. Phillip’s, Freetown, Newfield, Lyon’s Estate, Mill Reef, Bethesda, Rendezvous Bay.
CBD Responsible for inspecting the Central Business District (CBD) of St. John’s.

Our Mission

To review and asses development plans and proposals in keeping with the physical, social, economic, cultural and environmental factors in order to protect, conserve, guide, and control development activities, to ensure that sustainable use is made of land for the benefit of all citizens, residents and economic partners. We facilitate compliant development with integrity, efficiency and professionalism.

Our Vision

The Development Control Authority is committed to becoming the premier Development Authority within the Eastern Caribbean, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens, residents and economic partners of Antigua and Barbuda. It is our commitment to improving our performance and development procedures thereby making them more understandable and transparent.


Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of the development in our country. In recognition of this commitment, we will strive to deliver high quality services to the communities we serve.

  • In pursuit, we believe the following value statements are essential and timeless:
  • We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual and development.
  • We treat all those we serve with compassion, courtesy and professionalism.
  • We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business.
  • We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our team and pledge to treat one another with loyalty, respect and dignity.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

We strive to create and maintain a setting in which we celebrate cultural and other differences and consider them the strength of the division. No one shall discriminate against any individual with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Diversity Statement

Diversity and Inclusion at the Development Control Authority is significant to our core business of delivering excellence. It involves the hearts and lives of our employees, our customers, and our country. At the Development Control Authority we provide culturally competent services to all. We will foster a culture of diversity and inclusion across all areas of the division that embraces and enriches our workforce, customers and country.