The Cotton Division comprises the Central Cotton Station and Dunbars Experimental Station are located at Friar’s Hill Road.

The main functions of the Division are

  • To develop and maintain pure lines of the Sea Island Cotton.
  • To develop appropriate technology within the cotton Industry with a view towards cost effectiveness thus allowing the industry to have a greater impact on foreign exchange earnings.
  • To provide cotton farmers with training on cotton production through farmers field School.
  • To generate and transfer appropriate technologies within the farming sector with a view to provide a pivotal role in the Crop Diversification Programme.
  • To provide technical support to cotton farmers.
  • To work in collaboration with both Government and non-governmental agencies to develop closer linkages to enhance the overall development of the agricultural sector.

The Dunbars Experimental Station is responsible for the introduction, adaptability, testing and use of new technology to promote agriculture in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • To validate technology and assess suitable varieties for dry season production of crops for import substitution.
  • Management of Plant Genetic Resources, including in situ conservation of specific agricultural crops.
  • To validate the utilization of technologies for increase in the production years.

Job Requirements

  • A Field Labourer – Completed Primary/ Secondary School
  • Agricultural Assistants – 5-7  year’s experience as A Field Labourer/ Maths, English and Science at CXC Level  /Diploma in Agriculture
  • Research Officer – BSc. In Agriculture