Agricultural Extension


To be the premier partner in developing strategies and facilitating services for the development of Agriculture.


Agricultural Extension Employees are the main source of knowledge on every aspect of the development and management of farms and production-based agricultural enterprises.

Our Goals

  • Development of professionally trained employees
  • Development and maintenance of a relevant and comprehensive data base
  • Conduct regular training and workshops for farmers and agricultural workers to reflect trends and changes in the Agricultural Sector
  • Facilitate timely and efficient services

Our Services


  • Allocation of land for Agricultural purposes
  • Settlement of disputes involving agricultural land
  • Comprehensive apprasial of damaged crops
  • Maintenance of settlement roads
  • Cleaning of settlement ponds
  • Registration of farmers
  • Purchasing of cotton


  • Recommendation of farmers for duty free concession certifying Customs warrants for the importation of Agri-inputs
  • Certifying APUA water application forms for Agricultural purposes
  • Recommending farmers to the Department of Agriculture for discount rates on fruit trees and seedlings
  • Distribution of land for agricultural enterprises
  • Distribution of donated Agricultural inputs for relief in times of natural disasters
  • Provide land preparation services for farming
  • Collect monies for the rental of settlement lands
  • Maintain registry of farmes
  • Facilitate the removal of beehives and the control of swarms
  • Conduct overseas tours for farmers


  • Conducting training workshops for farmers in all aspects of Crops production and farm management
  • Implement locally and externally funded Agricultural projects
  • The production of printed and electronic education materials
  • Assist farmers in preparation of projects
  • Provide technical assistance to backyard gardeners
  • Provide technical and management  support to commodity development programmes
  • Provide advise on Agricultural production, pests and disease management